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After a six month trip through southern Africa with my wife Amanda, I decided to write a book about those travels. The blurb below is a synopsis of the book...it’s worth a read because it deals with the harsh reality of the state of our environment even in the deepest recesses of the subcontinent.

“I am a flight animal, like a horse, so my response was to run away from the evil. I wanted to leave mass humanity, the city, and civilization. I wanted to remove myself from other people and immerse myself in the seclusion of nature. I wanted peace of mind. I wanted solitude”.

Adam Cruise, disillusioned with his urban lifestyle, persuades his wife Amanda to abandon their business, home and three cats in Cape Town for a six-month journey into the remote interior of southern Africa. Their trip, in an expedition-prepared 4x4 but without any pre-planned idea other than to avoid civilization as much as possible, weaves through the remote recesses of the sub-continent in search of a true wilderness experience where real nature is untrammelled by human activity. Among lions, elephants and other African wildlife the couple find a harmonious and balanced world but one that is under a constant threat from the ravages of human advancement and mistreatment.

This book is more than travel as escape; it’s a personal quest in search of a solution to the eternal conflict between humanity and the environment. In a philosophical, anecdotal and sometimes witty approach Adam’s curiosity and observations both reveal the compelling qualities of nature as well as unveiling the devastating effects of humanity - both African and Western - on even the most secluded places.



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Book Review: In the Pursuit of Solitude by Adam Cruise


'...a great piece of travel literature, field guide, safari guide book, philosophical almanac...I love this mixture, it is like one of the diaries the great Africa travellers like Livingstone or Barth wrote – witty, full of knowledge and a true love of nature and the animals speaks out of every page of the compendium.

If you will read only one book this year, it should be this. Everyone who loves Africa, the great outdoors in the African bush, flora and fauna and Safari and travel, for all of us this is a must read'

- DC Loew, Frankfurt, Germany, November 2013 at www.safari-photograher.com

'For those of you who like a little philosophy mixed into your travel tales, In the Pursuit of Solitude is for you...Throughout the journey, you dear reader are swept up in the giant, starry skies, the incessant drumming and laughter of Africa and the wide open spaces just as Adam was. And what a journey!'

- www.sleepingout.co.za June 2013

'If you love the soul of Africa, the wildlife and the wild places of this ancient continent of ours then you'll love this book. A must read."

Simply Green Magazine Edition 2 2013

Ignorance is bliss, as the old adage goes, and no-one can identify more with this saying than people in the conservation world. After reading In the Pursuit of Solitude, I am tempted to say that no-one knows this better than Adam Cruise...A lot of work has gone into researching the places Cruise visited and the unique issues faced by each one and I often found myself riveted. Who knew that the Lemba tribe in Zimbabwe have ties to Judaism or that there is a concept in Africa called Ukama, in which is person is only regarded as a person in, with and through nature?...If you’re going to read this book, do not expect escapism and don’t try when your brain is winding down. It is not a happy-go-lucky adventure story about Africa, but then I don’t think it was ever intended to be."

Catherine Sempill, Online Book Reviewer for Africa Geographic Magazine (April, 2013)

"He has the gift of words …. also an art !  AND on top of that he is right !!!  Our arrogance as a species will one day be our downfall if we fail to accept and apply what he is "preaching".

Toon (Cape Town)

 “I intended to look through Adam’s book and read a few pages here and there: well, once I started I had difficulty putting it down and I really, really enjoy it! He writes well, the language flows nicely and is easy to understand – even for non-English speakers.  I just LOVE the historical parts, the description of the different animals and people they meet, the different countries, the landscape… And the anecdotes about his family! It’s entertaining and easy to support his idea(ls) about our world and the problems we face.  Let’s hope that Adam and his generation are more successful in finding solutions that are acceptable to all…  I enjoy his book and it’s “food for constant thought”, and I highly recommend it.”
– Kristin Biørnstad (Norway)
“Have just finished reading Adam’s book (travelogue) and was pleased to hear what he said about Zimbabwe. That is how I always felt about that country. It was like being there again.”
– Trix Annegarn (ex-resident Bulawayo)
“I've finally got round to reading Adam's book and found it extremely perceptive, matching many of my concerns and views.”
– Francis Garrard (Founder, Conservation Action Trust)